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Published on 15 Jan  2016

Steve Ramsey gets you started on wood working basics with Table Saw.

Published on 28 Mar 2013

this "how-to" "diy" video shows how small logs can be milled into lumber using a table saw!  Pen Blanks, dowel stock, small tops, no problem with this simple jig! 

Published on 19 Mar 2014

It doesn't matter which table saw you have, the most important part of the saw is the blade. 
In this video we show the 4 most popular blades and how and where to use them so you can make better choices and better cuts.

Published on 30 Apr 2016

Some of the world's finest craftsmen demonstrate tools, techniques and shortcuts that make you a better woodworker.
- John Eakes shows how to get the most from a table saw and offers several shop made jigs.
- Frank Klaus z demonstrates a fool proof way of making beautiful hand cut dovetails.
- Mike Dunbar shows how to restore and sharpen a hand plane bought at a flea market.
- Joe Truini presents an ingenious router jig not found in any owners manual.

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