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Published on 5 Jan 2015

Safety First on Lathe -Part 1

Published on 6 Jan 2015

Safety First on Lathe -Part 2

Published on 28 Apr 2015

Tips, advice and a little instruction about how to use a lathe with Carl Jacobson 

Published on 15 Dec 2014

Are you ready to buy your first set of lathe chisels? Do you need a gouge, scraper, or parting tool? Or all of the above? Here’s some great buying advice that will help you choose your chisels. In addition to learning what chisels you need, you’ll see how the chisels are used.

Published on 11 Apr 2013

This is a basic overview of woodturning and it's tool as it relates to other aspects in woodworking. In it I turn a project, start to finish (including finishing) in real time utilizing the roughing gouge, skew chisel, spindle gouge and bowl gouge while explaing how to use them and why they work. Knowledge from K-12 school, experience and common sense is referenced.

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