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VIDEO: Overview/Review

Although this a slightly older version of our machine (our has a couple of fancier new functions), the vast majority of this short overview is absolutely relevant.

VIDEO: Bandsaw Safe Use practices..

Gruesome, but true; butcher shops use bandsaws to cut steaks. That tells you that a bandsaw, used improperly, can do a lot of damage. We want to make sure you’re taking every precaution to make sure that, when you use a bandsaw for your woodworking projects, you’re using it safely

Bandsaw 101

Bandsaw Tips by James Wilson

VIDEO: Adjusting for BLADE DRIFT

Peter Young gives a step by step demonstration of how to adjust the blade, instead of the fence of the bandsaw, to compensate for drift. ...

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Operating Instructions

This document details the setup, adjustment and operation of  JWBS-18Q

Manufactures Information

The Manufacturers equipment information and Manual.. 

Parts List

This document illustrates / lists all components in JWBS-18Q

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