One of our members, Pat Flanagan, has initiated the creation of a group interested in building a mobile cyclone dust collection system for the Shed and potentially for home workshops. The primary benefit from fitting your workshop vac with a cyclone dust collector is that ~ 95% of the dust is diverted into a separate collection bucket instead of the vac. As a result, the vac filter gets very little dust/dirt clogging it.

Pat has already built his first version so has some great experience to share. His first project was based around the Oneida Dust Deputy Cyclone.  See.... 


This is a great system, but a little on the pricey side, and Pat has found cheaper versions/parts .

See ....


There are a number of ways of connecting up the vac to the cyclone, for example see..


and a hundred other examples on Youtube!!

There are also examples of setting up the piping for ducted system too.

See ...




SO, ARE YOU INTERESTED in joining the group??

Contact Pat Flanagan or David Hill on 0412553150

We are getting started now...

Here are a couple of pics of Pat's current system.....

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